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13 Jan 2016 Wed, 08:24:30
So thankful to have found this site! It was the missing piece in the puzzle...
14 Jul 2014 Mon, 15:38:20
What a brilliant site, it will educate me about different foods and help me to know when I have reached my recommended daily intake of calories. I eat a healthy balanced diet but I'm always kidding myself that I can eat more because I exercise a lot.
11 Feb 2012 Sat, 14:07:31
Great site. The only thing missing is a daily diary for exercise that would include type of exercise, time spent, and calories burned. Could this be added? Thanks much!
29 Oct 2011 Sat, 01:57:02
repeat iodine request of earlier other commenter.
6 Sep 2011 Tue, 14:17:55
I love this site, it allows me to count my caloric intake and knowing how many calories i take in every day has helped me lose lots of weight. I have 20 more pounds to lose, I am confident that with this site i will achieve my goal.
24 Aug 2011 Wed, 20:05:55
I love this site! I have to track calories, carbs, phosphorus, and sodium so it's perfect for me! Is there a way to forward my diary to someone via email? I have a team of drs that need to review my food. Thanks.
16 Aug 2011 Tue, 05:36:48
Appreciate this site's information very much. Might it be possible to know more about the 'owners' or 'operators? In other words have an "About Us" button?
24 May 2011 Tue, 19:32:31
Can chlorine (Cl), iodine (I) and boron (B) be added to show up the total intake levels on the daily report?

These are also important elements and I would like to track how much intake of them do I have.
21 Apr 2011 Thu, 00:12:55
Thanks for the help! I'm feeling much more confident about adding new foods and I'm back to keeping my log all day, everyday. I especially like being able to check what I was eating last month or earlier when I hit a wall. I can see what needs tuning as well as what nutrition I need to adjust. I can't thank you enough.
12 Apr 2011 Tue, 02:27:29
Re: difficulty in new food addition to database

Sorry for the trouble we have caused to you. Please be assured that we will do our best to solve any problems you may encounter while using our site.

Regarding your new food addition ...
We changed error messages on that page, so that they will be clearer and will tell you and other users what is wrong in a clear fashion.

As an additional measure, we added a protective system to new food addition page: Whenever a user gets an error while adding a new food, we will be automatically notified so that we can follow the situation immediately.

Hope this helps.

Bitelog team
9 Apr 2011 Sat, 18:59:28
I get this message most of the time when I try to add a food (this particular item is Pillsbury Quick Bread: Banana):

"Please correct the following:

* Unit could not be understood for unit: 'serving, 1 slice' "

I have tried entering : serving, slice, piece, 1/14 package and cutting /pasting from your example list.

Pillsbury website posts the product label as follows:

Nutrition Facts

* Serving Size 1/14 package (28g mix) Servings Per Container 14

This is how I entered the most recent entry that got thrown out:

HUMAN READABLE PART my entry: serving, 1 slice

WEIGHT (g/oz) my entry: 28g mix

I also ran into the same problem with the other items I entered, having to retry several times before hitting the right format.. I love the weebsite but am frustrated to the point that I am avoiding using it. Please tell me what I need to do this correctly.
6 Apr 2011 Wed, 03:24:08

Sorry you had problems...

Please tell us the details of your food, and we will enter the food for you.

While doing so, we can also fix what is wrong on New Food Addition Page, so in the future you won't have the same problem.

6 Apr 2011 Wed, 02:47:31
I've spent 40 minutes trying to add new food items. The problem: I can't enter the step 5 (human readable part) without an error. I'm discouraged, irritable and ready to scream, since this happens about 50% of the time, then it will suddenly accept the description it had previously rejected (example; cup, or slice. Good thing I'm up in my bedroom or I'd be eating something I shouldn't.
5 Jan 2011 Wed, 02:15:40
re-total calories:
At that day, enter the new calories, and click save. This saves the value. Then click previous and next buttons on diary once to force a refresh of calorie graph.
2 Jan 2011 Sun, 15:57:41
how to alter mistake after saving----re total calories
2 Dec 2010 Thu, 02:21:30
I love the site> get to see a birds-eye view of your diet and help you change your lifestyle and control your weight! GREAT :) x
3 Aug 2010 Tue, 15:41:16
I have encouraged my Sis in Law to use Bitelog. I told her how it is making eating healthy and losing weight so much fun and easy for me. (well, the losing weight is not that easy) I send a shout out to her, love you RCH! I hope you enjoy this site as much as I do!
20 Jul 2010 Tue, 17:48:45
You get to looking at yourself and you know you gotta do something, and Yes I Am. Thank you for having this link for me to get started. I Will Be Thin Again!! woohoo!
12 Jul 2010 Mon, 17:52:25
Have some feature requests..

I'd really love it if I could click on the daily nutrient details and see a 'recommended foods list' to get the nutrients I'm missing.. I know I can use the mega food search etc or search backwards (but with search backwards I'm not sure how you know what number to put in on the value - it gives the example 'vitamin C - put in 60' but unsure what that means.. so either making that clearer or adding a separate thing..

I'd also love something that does some kind of analysis of your diet.. if it can tell what your missing.. or lacking etc in some way (we've already got a disclaimer so hope that would still be poss.. maybe under the term 'suggested' or 'have you looked into trying more..' etc

An alarm feature would be good too.. if I write a note on there to remind me to take my vits etc or have dinner.. and alarm or something would be great.. I have it open most of the time on my computer so would be handy! :)
12 Jul 2010 Mon, 17:46:13
I'm so excited! I cannot believe how amazing this website is.. i stumbled across it by accident when searching for iron in foods.. and this is the site I dreamed was out there!!

It is so easy to use.. not at all time consuming or obsessive.. just easy and informative.. I LOVE all the different ways of searching for food info and nutrient info.. it makes you see food and dieting in a much better way.. you really want to hit all those nutrients and see the graphs changing.. so it stops you from eating too little and not getting enough nutrients to eating too much and and seeing your weight go up with the calories.. and I love how you dont need to count anything, all done for you.. just brilliant!

this is already helping me.. i love the uncluttered look too.. not too many adverts or anything .. its a stress free experience.. I could say more but thats it for now lol BIG THANK YOU!!!
15 May 2010 Sat, 05:33:47
I know this won't b easy...I'm up 4 the challenge!!
30 Mar 2010 Tue, 15:28:04
Try not to focus on a number that you have to loose. Baby steps. Remember its a lifestyle change, and if you are not seeing immediate results, or you are not loosing what you wanted to at first it can get discouraging, and that may cause you to give up. Never give up, work at your own pace, and it will come. If you want to loose 20lbs in 2 months, and you only loose 10, be proud that you are on your way to success. Also keep in mind that if you are excersizing, you are not only loosing weight, but gaining muscle mass :)
17 Feb 2010 Wed, 23:21:19
Hi everyone, I just happened upon this website and am going to take a try at it. I have been reading most of your comments and I guess I'll be joining you for the next year. I want (NEED!!!) to loose 100 lbs. I don't currently have any health problems and I wish to keep it that way. I saw my dad go thru alot because of his weight.

I'm gonna trust God to get us all through this, AMEN!!
8 Jan 2010 Fri, 14:03:38
I'm stuck at 20lbs over my ideal weight. I've cut out soda and fast food already. I just don't like to exercise plain and simple. I have aches and pains from just working, I can't even imagine the pain I'll feel from working out. I do know that pain will probably diminish over time as I become stronger, I guess I'm a wimp.
16 Dec 2009 Wed, 18:51:28
I feel like i can do so well all week and be down a few pounds... then the weekend comes... a few drinks and maybe a nacho or two... and I undo it all in a day. Help! I have no self discipline
27 Sep 2009 Sun, 14:20:32
Ugh ... am trying to reconcile how I got so fat! Don't like it and am going to change it! Only I can control my intake and outlook!
16 Feb 2009 Mon, 01:35:24
Great day, walked 12000 steps most of while pushing a wheelchair.
16 Feb 2009 Mon, 01:33:39
Walked 6900 steps today and gettint better.